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Reach the City… Reach the World…

October 9, 2013


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Tonight was a chance for everyone who serves at our church to get together and get the big idea of the upcoming terms series. It was a collection of all different people from kids ministry workers, to youth leaders, music/worship teams, senior staff, bible study leaders, media teams and plenty more. About a hundred people came […]

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Skin Deep Beauty

October 7, 2013


This stuff pisses me off. A 14 year old girl, as part of the competition on a talent show, gets taken to a plastic surgeon. The surgeon tells her that although she is 14, she actually looks 30. And to break into the entertainment industry she needs cosmetic surgery. (Article, and original music audition is […]

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Father of aborted child charged with murder…

September 12, 2013


So this has been bothering me for a while. Why is it that an aborted fetus is disregarded and incinerated as medical waste, yet a miscarried fetus is treated with human-like dignity? Additionally, if you’re at fault in a car accident and an unborn child’s life is lost along with the mother’s… You are accountable […]

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Truth… Am I missing something?

August 1, 2013



WARNING: Underdeveloped rant: still thinking this one through… Help, I wanna know what you think! Truth: “That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality” So I’m interested in what people think about ‘the truth’. I reckon Christians need to trust science in a way that doesn’t inhibit development of the human race and atheists need to […]

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Question 8: Why don’t you practice what you preach?

March 25, 2013


Meaghan is 17. She realised there was something wrong with treating her school friends and church friends differently a few years ago and it got her thinking about the question “Why don’t you practice what you preach?” We like her answer. Do you?

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