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Testimony: Where is your faith?

August 4, 2013


It’s not often I’m moved to tears during a Church service… maybe it’s because I was going through a pretty tumultuous time of life, or because this is a particularly moving testimony, or more likely both. This is a bloke from our church sharing about his tough, but rewarding journey in life. This testimony penetrates […]

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Question 2: How could a good God allow suffering?

March 21, 2013


In this video Ros shares of her personal experience with breast-cancer and her view of human suffering.   If your keen to see a 20 minute bible talk that uncovers the issue of human suffering in a world that was created by a God who the Bible defines as ‘Love’ you can click here.

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My failed VoIP convo about [R]eligion: If I had my time again!

June 29, 2012



So yesterday, I’m hanging out on Mumble  (VoIP) with some mates that I’ve met through an online game I play far too much of. They all know I’m in the Army and also studying to be a chaplain. ‘Gramps’ (her nickname) decides to ask me about ‘my view on religion’. I figure this is my element […]

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Being a Good Wife 101: Paul’s Love-triangle of GRACE

May 26, 2012


Ephesians 5:21-28 It is Christ’s empowering GRACE that holds a MARRIAGE together… the result… is a MARRIAGE that REFLECTS the GLORY of GOD. Someone suggested to me the other day that the Lord of the Rings had a love triangle… I didn’t pick it at first but there is definitely some love triangulating between Frodo, […]

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[Insert your deepest darkest thought here]

March 23, 2012


sad - by 'DelicateHeart' on DeviantArt

How would you feel if your deepest and darkest thoughts were transparently projected over YouTube. What would you do if your secrets were shown to your friends, family… to the world. [Insert your deepest darkest thought here]. The bible shows that we all have inappropriate desires. You most definitely have desires and secrets that you try to hide […]

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